Work, Work, Work!

Been extremely busy lately. Atomic Brother is coming along great. James and I spent several weeks writing music on acoustic guitar and electric bass. since the beginning of February we have been working in my studio with drummer Greg Schiff on the full band arrangements. We have also decided that James and I will be the lead singers, so we are also working out how we are going to sing and play the parts we have written. Not an easy task since we both have mostly done background vocals.

There are 10 songs we are working on now, and have about 10 others queued up. The 10 we are working on now are our favorites and we think that they will be fan favorites too. We’d like to put an end date on the recording, and start date for shows, but we aren’t going get out until we are happy with everything. The one thing we’d like to do is follow up “Elected” with another single, hopefully in April or May. We have 2 or three candidates for that, plus the “Elected” remixes need to be wrapped up.

In addition to the Atomic Brother work I have been active in Scratcher more than I thought. Originally I thought it would be a temporary, fun thing to do with some old friends, but has turned into a another full-time band. We have been writing a lot of songs, only a few of which have made it out of the studio. We recorded 3 songs with a producer named JK, who has recorded Jennifer Love Hewitt, and the Foo Fighters, is a well-accomplished Jazz guitar player, and is currently working with the Backstreet Boys. Even though he has a pop background he isn’t changing the band, he’s actually helped us define the Scratcher sound.

The Moto Star project has turned into much less of a committment. Our schedule is practically 1-2 times a month, not much songwriting going on, but we did write a cool tune last week. A show coming up on April 15, but nothing to report on this band. Atomic Brother is the one to watch.