What is a free benefit?

We had an interesting weekend of shows, one in Manhattan and one in Brooklyn. The show at Don Hill’s in Manhattan had us opening up for a bunch of metal-ish bands including Shootyz Groove, a rap metal band. Our manager was in town for that show so we played a bunch of the new songs to showcase what we had been working on. His favorite so far is “Almost There,” our WB song. Despite the overwhelming heaviness of the evening we had a good show.Saturday afternoon was a “free benefit” show to save this bar in Brooklyn from being replaced by a stadium. I’m still trying to figure out how a “free benefit show” benefits anyone. With all the politics involved in this one there is no way to save this or any other place in that area. Especially with all the landlords selling their property to the developer and evicting everyone. Overall not a great show, fun, but not great.

Last night I started work on a new Ska-ish song. Might show it to Moto Star tonight, might keep it for Atomic Brother. Haven’t decided yet.