Un-mixing Lately for Scratcher

In the last post I talked about getting back to work on the Scratcher record, starting with Lately. Well, that session ended with my studio flooding as result of the Nor’easter. I spent the afternoon and all through the night bailing out water and taking apart the studio to keep it safe from the water. I managed to get everything out so there was no damage to any of the equipment, but it looks like my studio as it was for the last 3 years is finished and has been downsized to a mixing/project studio.

The remainder of the week the water kept coming up out of the ground and didn’t subside until Thursday or Friday. By friday I had put together my studio in the “sun room” of my apartment to get back to mixing. I got to work on the song and tightened up the mixes, but they are still not quite there yet. I am still getting used to the sound of the new room. Just when I thought I was getting used to the room and getting the mix back in shape I was told that the water-proofing crew would be here on Wednesday and that I had to clear everything out of the basement. So the mixes were put on hold again while I spent the next day moving the amps, drums, and everything else into the living room. The crew showed up with the jackhammers on Wednesday morning and have been here for 2 days now. There’s no mixing until they are finished.

I am told by the foreman that when they are done that we won’t have to worry about flooding and we can set up the space much better than before. But that is up to the landlord. Not only did they tear up the floors, they ripped up the walls and carpet. A lot of work needs to happen for me to get back in business in that space.