This is news? Usher wants to release a new album?

Last week Billboard wrote that Usher is “itching” to release his new album. I’m trying to find the news in this, and I don’t think I can find it. Is the news that he wants to release a new album and is going to start recording, or is it that he’s started recording and can’t wait to put it out? If I put out a press release saying that I can’t wait to start recording my album, nobody would care. So, what’s the big deal? He wants to put out a new album. Call me when he’s got something to say.

It must really have been a slow news day. With so much going on in the music BUSINESS you’d think that there would be something better for Billboard to print other than this tabloid fodder.

When are publications like Billboard going to stop printing crap like this? Billboard is a fairly respected trade publication read by thousands in the industry. They really ought to have something more interesting to print than some guy who hasn’t released an album in a few years in looking forward to releasing a new album. Hell, I’m looking forward to releasing my next album. I’m sure everyone is (well, except maybe Britney spears), but does that make it news? Imagine this as news, “Joe Perry looks forward to his ‘Pump’ his next record. The Aerosmith guitarist said yesterday, at the Hard Rock Cafe, that he is looking forward to his next album release. The band is currently on vacation and will start writing songs soon.” It’s not news!

Maybe this is new and he is showing us that he cares and is getting us ready to get ready for him to start recording a record to release. Hmm.