The Return of The Cult

One of rock and roll’s greatest bands is back. The Cult have wrapped up recording their new album, Born Into This, and are already out on the road! The album is being put out on The Cult’s own label, but is being distributed by Roadrunner Records. Roadrunner Records has posted a 90 second sample of “Dirty Little Rock Star” from the new album. You can download the track here.

On The Cult’s last album, Beyond Good and Evil, The Cult took their sound into the 2000s. It was The Cult with the hard rock production sound of 2001. The Cult has always excelled at not sounding dated and remaining relevant, while their peers have a hard time not sounding like tribute acts. Fans of The Cult will be excited that “Dirty Little Rock Star” sounds like The Cult. But the sample posted doesn’t sound like a production from 2007, more like big drums of the late 80s and 90s, dirty bass of the 60s and raw guitar and vocals like some of today’s indie records. This makes for a really new interesting sound, but overall the song has a feel of something off 1994’s highly underrated album, The Cult. It looks like we can look forward to another great album by The Cult.

The Cult on The Cult