The Chairman of the Board Returns

On Weds, Nov. 28, Warner Brothers announced that they signed Frank Sinatra… well actuall they acquired the full rights to Sinatra’s catalog from Sinatra’s family.

The partnership will operate under the name Frank Sinatra Enterprises and will manage all of his musical, film and stage work, as well as administer all licensing for the name and likeness of the star who died in 1998 at the age of 82.

The family wants to preserve Frank’s legacy by releasing “films, TV specials and unreleased footage, photos and audio recordings and pursue new products and ventures.”  I expect we’ll be hearing a remix of “Love and Marriage” a la the Elvis remix album.

What I want to know is, isn’t his legacy preserved in every pizza joint, Italian restaurant and Olive Garden across the U.S.? I think I’d rather dip my head in a vat of acid than hear what this unholy alliance is going to bring us.