Studio Update: Songwriting With Atomic Brother

James and I have spent the last few months locked away in his apartment, or my studio, writing songs for the next Atomic Brother album. Since March we have about 12 or more new songs in various states, plus a few written while we were gigging last year, and a couple others we wanted to put on See Me Comin’, but just didn’t have the time. So, we decided we had enough of just the two of playing, and gave our drummer Rob a ring and hit the studio in NYC tonight to work out the songs like a proper rock band!

We got a late start thanks to the LIRR, but, once we got going the new songs sounded really excellent played all loud, with the band. We hammered through only about 6 of the songs, and ,of course, since this was the first time we played these, things were a little rough; but fun and excellent, none the less. We’ll be posting clips of some the songs to our video podcast, Wastin’ Time With Atomic Brother in the next week or so.