Studio Update: Blueberry High Heels

This past Saturday I finally got my studio back in action, after being out of commission for over a year, due to flood damage. The NYC-band, Blueberry High Heels came in to record tracks for a demo. The band is fronted by Didi Delicious on lead vocals and bass guitar, with Dylan Mitchell (my band mate in Scratcher) on guitar and Greg Jacob (of the Rubber Room Rats and trip with the Teacher) on drums. The band describes themselves as, “a post-punk, powerpop trio of rockers cut from the old school NYC rock and roll cloth.” After spending several hours with them, I’d say that’s a fair assessment. Didi has long been a part of the New York City punk rock scene, seen regularly at CBGBs, Coney Island High, the Continental, Scrap Bar and more, either writing for and the NY Waste or playing with any of her different bands. So, for this session, we really wanted to capture the raw, punk-rockness of the band, so with Dylan taking the lead as producer, we decided to record the band old-school – all together in the same space, playing live, bleed and all, going back later and re-cut vocals.  You can hear the song “Dice,” recorded and engineered by me, and mixed by Dylan, on the band’s MySpace page.