So, you wanna be a movie star?

I neever really aspired to be an actor, but several things have led me in that direction the past couple weeks. Read on.

So, I get an email last week about a movie shooting nearby me that is auditioning for towns people and other extras. I figured this sounds like fun, so I print up my head shot and go down to the audition. I got there and was asked if I wanted to read and I said sure why not. So I read, not expecting anything to come of it because I just wanted to be an extra or a zombie. Oh yeah, there are zombies in this movie. I love horror movies. Shooting that Strange Things Happen At Sundown a few years ago was fun. So, I get an email last night saying they are interested in me doing a speaking role. How cool is that? So, I have pages to memorize for the callback.

Last night I was out with my friend Mike at a bar in Manhattan and we approached by a director for Tokyo TV. They were doing a news report on Red Bull and asked if we wanted to be interviewed. We figured why not, could be fun. To be fair, we kinda set them up. We don’t drink the Red Bull, but we made up a whole schtick and now we are going to be on Tokyo TV.

Saturday, tomorrow morning, I’ll be starting work in a music video for Isol8ed. We are filming a drummer audition and then a week or two later shooting the video.

Pretty cool. Movies, TV and music video.