Scratcher – The Story So Far

I realized today that even though I have been giving Scratcher band updates, I haven’t quite explained that we have a new singer. Let’s take a walk down memory lane.

December 2005 I had Scratcher down in my studio recording songs for an Ep. The band at the time was Melissa singing lead vocals, Dylan playing lead and rhythm guitar, Brian playing rhythm guitar and singing backup, Tim playing drums, and me playing bass and singing backup. We finished recording the tracks in January of 2006 and sent them over to be mixed. In April of 2006, just when I returned from Switzerland with Atomic Brother, the mixing was finished and we had a really cool sounding Ep.

Armed with these new tracks we had to find a way to release them. While we were trying to figure out how to release the tracks we lost track of Melissa. She needed some time off for herself, and to go on the road with her boyfriend who plays guitar with Joan Jett. When she got back we played once again at the Knitting Factory and hadn’t heard from her since that show

With no sign of Melissa we forged on with Brian taking over singing lead vocals. We wrote a whole new mess of songs and threw out all the old ones that were written with Melissa. We have done 2 shows with Brian and are recording 5 of our favorites from the new bunch of songs. While I was away in Japan and Brian was away in France, Dylan was recording the last of the guitar tracks and doing a demo mix of “Summertime.” Now that we are all back it’s time to mix the songs and figure out the next step.