Scratcher Dec/Jan Studio Update

Been working in the studio with Scratcher on the follow-up to our CD single. I’m engineering the recordings at my studio with guitarist Dylan recording guitar overdubs in his studio. We started the project with Tim’s drums Dylan’s guitar and my bass back in December. After some vacations, we wrapped up Brian’s guitars and Melissa’s vocals about 2 weeks ago. Dylan and I have some touch ups to do on some of the guitar and bass tracks, we’ve been re-writing some of the parts post vocals, and then we’re off to mixing.

Recording went pretty smooth, and I got to try out some new gear and mics, and work with Pro Tools a little bit. We recorded mainly in Logic 7 Pro, through Mackie Onyx 1620 and MOTU 896. The drums were recorded with SM57s, OktavaMK-012s and an AKG D112, with the bass drum and snare into a Focusrite TwinTrak Pre-Amp, and the toms through Alesis 3630 compressors. The electric and acoustic guitars were recorded with different combinations of SM57, Heil PR-30 and PR40, and Rode NT2000. The bass was recorded with SM57, Heil PR-40 and AKG D112. The vocals with a Carvin CM87.