Programming to Win!

In this week’s FMQB “Programming to Win” column, Mike Bettelli tells readers how to get ready for the fall ratings season by asking the question, “What can you do to assure that you are maximizing everything possible to score in the next important ratings?” He covers many points from the new Portable People Meters, to the music library, marketing and contests and promotions to increase a station’s audience. In discussing the music library, Bettelli says, “The best strategy for tuning up your active music list for the fall is to play it conservative and smart. Don’t take chances on marginal secondary or fringe songs that may have the power to shift your listeners off to another frequency.”

So, you wanted to get your song on the radio? With radio programmers and music directors getting this kind of advice from the trade magazines it’s going to be real hard. Especially if they don’t take chances. But, all is not lost, as an aside he does say, “don’t hesitate to add songs that show the potential to become huge hits.” This reinforces a point made in Billboard, and the first part of my “Getting Your Music On The Radio” series, write a song people want to hear, and won’t make them change the station!