Pretty Little Lunatic

Production on the latest Atomic Brother Ep, Pretty Little Lunatic is almost complete. The artwork is complete, and now we’re in the mastering stage with Roman Vail over at Joe Lambert Mastering in Brooklyn. James and I have been working with Joe Lambert since our first release together in 1998, with the band NVR. Joe’s been real busy lately working some major players, we thought we’d work with his protégé Roman this time around. We’ll be releasing Pretty Little Lunatic digitally through all the major online services like iTunes, AmazonMP3, Napster, eMusic as well as through our own portal at, where you can get it free, or pay what you like. Of course we’d love for you to give us a little something for our hard work, but the free option is always there.

Pretty Little Lunatic Ep Cover

The Pretty Little Lunatic Ep releases on May 25, 2010. Check out the press release for more details.