Philadelphia, Verizon, The Cult, Movies, Mold and Podcasts

So Sunday night I am working on this movie with my buddy Mike. You know, Mike from Isol8ed, who directed the Atomic Brother video, and who’s video Atomic Brother is in. We get started around 9PM, we’re doing sound editing and dialog fixing now. We figured we had a couple easy scenes to do, just about a minute or two long and we don’t finish up until about 3AM. There’s some gnarly sound recording done on this film, but we’re trying to make the best of it.

Monday afternoon, after sleeping almost the whole morning away I’m off to Philadelphia to see former Beatles engineer Geoff Emerick talk about his experiences working with the Beatles. But not before dealing with Verizon and my shitty DSL service. After being on the phone for 2 hours trying to convince someone that I have a problem, I am out the door. They still don’t believe me, but I gotta get on the road. The event was great if you were a Beatles fan. Lot’s of stories about the Beatles personally, but very little about the technical bits. How the HELL did he come up with and record all those cool sounds?!? At least there was free food and drink before and afterwards! Made the drive completely worth it.

Tuesday was spent almost all day dealing with Verizon, AGAIN. This time with an agent online who might agree that I have a problem and it is in the Verizon routers. Why else would my service go from blazing fast to nothing throughout the day? Did I mention this has been going on since August? They finally agree to have a tech come out to the house on Friday, but he shows up a day early. After dealing with that ALL DAY I’m off to see the Cult in NJ. The opening band The Strays were cool, the second band Bangcock 5 was AWFUL, and the Cult were spot on. The audience was lame. A bunch of older metal heads that probably only have Electric and Sonic Temple. They were quiet after every song except the songs from those 2 albums. Lame fucks. Even Mr. Bhuddist himself, Ian Astbury launched into a tirade against the audience. Do you guys even have this (insert album name here) album? Do you know who we are? Did you come to see us? Hello? Is there anybody there? What a depressing crowd. Assholes.

Wednesday was excellent. After doing some online promotions for Atomic Brother, until the internet went south AGAIN, I was bailing out the basement. Thanks to the storm we had that day there was water in parts of the basement where it has never gone before: IN MY STUDIO. I had to tear down the studio to get the electronics away from the water and start sopping up the water. Took about three hours to get it manageable. Would have been OK if the sump pump was working. The land lady bought me one after the storm, and a shop vac to suck up the remaining water. Now the place smells like mold and mildew. Yum.

Thursday I was cruising on the internet until about 11ish. Then the Verizon guys shows up, just in time to witness the internet meltdown. We spent 3 and a half hours at the computer troubleshooting and now I finally have someone that believes me when I say the modem status is good, connection speed is good, but the pages don’t render or the sites don’t come down for several minutes. People, it shouldn’t take 5 minutes to load the google home page!!!! After him being on the phone with several people at verizon who didn’t believe him that I was having a problem, he found ONE tech that found that I had over 150,000 synch errors on my line in under 1 hour! And that his test says there is a problem somewhere in my DSL between the house and the office. Fucking excellent! Finally someone finds a problem!! Woo hoo! After dealing with that and going out to dinner with my girlfriend, it’s back to work on the movie. Another 4 hours for a 1 minute 30 second scene. Got home about 5:30 AM.

Now it’s Friday and I am getting ready to tear up the moldy carpet. Good times. What does this blog have to do with music? Well, I had scheduled myself to recreate a song for which I lost the project files. So, I can’t do any new mixes or try new arrangements. Nothing musically accomplished all week!