NAB Mock Invoices Radio Stations

Today the NAB released (NAB, FMQB) a “mock invoice to some 13,000 local radio stations, demonstrating the devastating impact of a performance tax.” The invoice, available for viewing as a pdf, isn’t a mock invoice in the sense that it gives examples of how the so-called “performance tax” might actually affect broadcasters, but it is an invoice that mocks “the privilege of promoting the record labels music free of charge and lining recording industry executives’ pockets.”

While cute, and sends their message to NAB member stations, it really doesn’t get to the point. It says that stations will be charged 10-35% annually, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. I’d like to see some real numbers. Why don’t they put out a mock invoice that demonstrates the actual cost to NAB member stations. And, while they are at it, why don’t they also start mentioning that not all the performance royalty goes to “lining recording industry executives’ pockets.” The portion of the royalty that goes to the executives, also goes to many artists who own their own copyrights, not the labels!