Motley Crue & Genitorturers

Monday night I got to go to a special Motley Crue concert at the Hard Rock Cafe in NYC with a couple of the guys from King Hell. Bryan got us on the guest list and we got enjoy the concert, free food and free drinks. Ran into Scott Ian from Anthrax and his fiance Pearly Aday, Meatloaf’s daughter. Actually they ran into us. Also Vinnie Paul, formerly of Pantera. I standing next to him for about a half hour and didn’t recognize him. Talked to some of the local NYC celebs; Don Hill and Ralph from WDHA FM.

Weds night I saw the Genitorturers at CBGB. It was a really cool show. The band kicked ass and the new songs were excellent. It was a much more tame show than I saw back in 1999, but was still cool. It was kinda sentimental hanging around CBs and seeing posters and stickers of a couple of the bands I played in there – NVR, Otto’s Daughter.

Here are pics from the Crue show:

Here are some Genitorturers pics: