Mixing Lately For Scratcher

Today it was back to work on the Scratcher record. Me and Dylan got to mixing the song “Lately.” Dylan braved the Nor’easter and drove in from Long Island to work in my studio. I bounced all the edited tracks (called consolidating in ProTools) and loaded them up in a new mixing template and imported the guitars recorded in Dylan’s studio.

All in we are working with 32 tracks. It would have been smaller but the bass drum and snare drum sounds were replaced using Drumagog and samples from BFD and mixed with the original drums. The original bass was re-amped outputting the DI into a Focusrite pre-amp then into my Mesa Boogie bass cabinets and Ampeg head. Dylan also did some re-amping of the guitars in his studio using Guitar Rig and several different vintage amps.

We worked for about 5 hours and got the mix really close to where we want it to be. Another couple hours this week and we’ll have song 1 in the can.