Lily Allen Says Fuck Off

On her blog she says, “I dont want to be a celebrity , I am a singer , I write songs , thats it,” and she doesn’t want to be a celebrity, “so please leave me alone .” That the tabloids are twisting her words and making her look bad is killing her. Well, good for her! Fuck those jackasses. She’s right, there are so many of us songwriters and musicians trying to write and perform good music and when you get to a certain level all the media and tabloids care about is who you are dating, what you are wearing, what you were doing at such-and-such place with so-and-so, it’s frustrating.

Most of us just want to do our thing and be left alone. Sure, there are those that don’t have much talent other than acting the clown, aping their part on stage and miming what they are told and love all this attention. There are those that want to do this for a living and those that want to do this to be famous. Let’s keep the paparazzi and tabloids focused on the ones that want there 15 minutes of fame and leave those of us that want a career alone.

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