Karaoke Fan Killed For Singing Out Of Tune

 CBS/Associated Press report (article) that a man was killed for singing out of tune at a karaoke bar in the Philippines. According to the report this is something that happens quite frequently over there. The man who shot the singer was apprehended, and the person who was shot died immediately.

After traveling around the world I can’t say I’m always a big fan of the way we do things here in the States, but like I said in the article about the Pakistani singer that had to change the lyrics to his song, it’s kinda nice being an American every now and then. I’m pretty sure we all want to “bust a cap” in the ass of a karaoke singer for singing out of tune, but we just don’t. They have the right to sing out of tune just as we have the right to walk out and go to another bar and listen to the jukebox.