In the studio with Scratcher & Atomic Brother

Spent Tuesday night with Scratcher wrapping up vocals for the 3 song EP, listening to rough mixes, and checking out photos from our photo shoot from April at the Chelsea Hotel. The rough mixes of “Still Waiting” and “Fade” sound awesome. We had Brian in the box and had him put an additional background vocal on Still Waiting in the bridge which added the perfect touch. We had Melissa in the box singer her ass off for 4 hours to finish vocals on the song formerly called “Superstar.” We pretty much had her re-write the melody for this one that night. This pics look great and will be posted on my websites as well as the Scratcher website soon. Mixdown is next weekend, then off to duplication. Atomic Brother was in the rehearsal studio last night working out how we are going to perform the songs on our instruments while singing. A little rough around the edges, but we worked out 6 songs with vocals. We’ll be at it again this weekend working out the kinks and then it’s back in the studio to record the new demos.