In the Studio With Moto Star

We decided to have Moto Star in the studio this weekend to record a new song, “The One.” So, James and Vic came over and we tracked acoustic guitar, bass and vocals. We still have some finishing touches, but the track came out awesome.

We tried a different approach to recording the acoustic guitar than we normally tried, and ended up with a better sound than normal. Vic suggested we use an SM58 instead of the Beta 86 and it warmed up James’ Taylor. The SM58 and the 2 Octava condensers used for a stereo image is going to be our thing. Vic likes to track vocals with an SM58 also, and then go back with a good mic, but the track with the SM58 came out really nice, so we’ll use that instead of an expensive Neuman. Next we finish this up and record “Almost There,” another song by Vic, James and myself.