In the studio with Moto Star & Scratcher, Website updates

Recorded “The One” on Saturday and Sunday with Moto Star. It’s a mostly acoustic song with music written by me and James from Atomic Brother and lryics by Victoria of Moto Star. We cut the bass, guitars and scratch vocals on Saturday and the drums on Sunday. During the tracking on Sunday the hard drive died on the computer ending the session during the drum tracking. The studio has to get it repaired before we can finish the track. We’ll be playing a the C-Note in NYC on May 10. Spent Sunday night with Scratcher working on 3 new songs, all currently untitled. One of the songs has music written by me for Scratcher, another music written by me and Dylan, and the third the music by Dylan. We are leaving the lyrics up to Melissa for now. Two of the songs are high energy pop-punk tunes. Very cool and very fun to play. We are trying to get a more high energy live set to play. Also, the show at Mercury Lounge was canceled due to overbooking. We are working on 2 gigs for the last week of May.

Also been working on my site, I put up a few new videos in the media section, and added more links in the Etc section to bands I’ve played with, link to some of my friends bands, and links to some of my favorite bands. I’ll also be posting more photos and more demos to download. There are some rap tracks I worked on in 2000 or 2001 I am going to be posting as well as some other cool tracks.