HORSE the Band?

OK. So, for the last few weeks I have been hearing about this band called HORSE the Band. Seemingly coming out of nowhere, they have been together since 1999. I can’t name all the places I been hearing about them, but I swear they are everywhere. I picked up the new issue of Metal Edge magazine and there they were in a 2 page feature article-so I could finally read about the band. Well, so much for that. The article doesn’t say anything about the band except that they are drunk, like to get drunk and they have “backstage antics.” But what do they sound like? Who are they influenced by? What are they about? Further in the article 2 of the band members say that they write serious music, but people think that they are a joke band. I’m still not interested enough to go find them on the internet to hear what they sound like.

So, I’m driving around on Saturday afternoon listening to WSOU and what do I hear? You got it. I finally get to hear HORSE the Band. You know what? It sucked. It was absolutely the worst thing I’ve heard all year. Maybe I just don’t get it, but what do people like about this band? The tune I heard was “Murder,” which sounded like a heavy metal band was playing along with Super Mario Brothers. It was your typical riffs that all the screamo boys are playing now, but with this annoying keyboard mixed way too loud, sounding exactly like some 80’s video game. This was so bad I had to look them up on the MySpace and hear more. What I heard there was more video game crap played on top of some bad songs and one song I kinda liked.

What am I missing? What don’t I get? What’s cool and exciting about these guys? Since the guitars, vocals and riffs aren’t cool, new or original maybe the whole video game angle is what everyone is excited about. Can anyone convince me why I should like this junk?