Going Away White

Bauhaus will be releasing a new album next year. The new album, titled Going Away White, is scheduled for a March 4, 2008 release. But according to drummer Kevin Haskins, this is once again the end of Bauhaus.

“We were getting along really well, but there was an incident that occurred,” drummer Kevin Haskins tells Billboard.com, declining to elaborate further. “Some of us just felt that we didn’t want to carry on as a working unit.”

For Bauhaus fans the tour was like the return of the Messiah, this is like him leaving behind his Bible. It’s a shame that the band won’t be touring in support of the album. The reunited band was amazing in concert. For someone that was way to young (and not living in the UK) to see them, the 1998 reunion tour and the subsequent 2006 tours were amazing. The performances and the shows were some of the best I’ve ever seen. Daniel Ash and David J are amazing instrumentalists and performers.

Kevin Haskins’ cryptic remark about “an incident that occurred” which lead to the break-up makes me wonder if Peter Murphy’s to blame. After Bauhaus broke up in 1983, Peter Murphy went solo while Daniel Ash, David J and Kevin Haskins formed Love and Rockets, which continued for 15 years before the reformation of Bauhaus.

But, does this give hope to Love and Rockets fans? After the Lift tour wrapped up in 1998 the band went on an extended break. But side projects is something they’ve always done without breaking up the band. David J has done a bunch of his own albums and played with Dali’s Car and The Jazz Butcher. Daniel Ash has done Tones on Tail and a bunch of solo albums. Kevin Haskins also did Tones on Tail and is making music for video games and soundtracks with Messy.

As great as Bauhaus was in concert I always thought Love and Rockets was far superior. Maybe it’s because I grew up with them and not Bauhaus. Is it now time for the guys to get back to work on another LnR album? I seriously hope so. Maybe it’s for the best that they don’t get caught up in reunion madness.