Funny Music Job Posting

I was looking through some music industry job postings when I came across this one that made me both laugh and cringe. I think it’s serious, but I’m not sure. Here’s the text exactly as it appears in the job listing.

“Triple x is now hirering ……We are a vocal recording studio wif over five thousand recordings under our belts. We do hip hop, R&B, Reggaeton, accappela voice over’s, and so on.
Where looking for a sales team.
Position requires you to bring in new clients.
This is how I for see this happening.
The studio charges 25 buck an hour wif a two hour minimum. So that’s 50 buckaroo’s.
This includes free mixing & mastering.  …. “That’s your sale’s pitch.”
So… if you bring in one client that’s doing two hours then I will give you 10 bucks out of that …wow that’s 10 %….. Now the more clients, the more hours you bring in, the more money you will make. This applies to returning clients as well.
We must be notified by the client to which sales person sent them.
We will supply you wif flyers about the studio. If needed!!!!!!!
Ive been recording for five years now and let me tell ya I haven’t worked for anyone since. There’s lots of money to be made in this type of business.
You gotta want it ………. To get it……!!!!!!!!!”

Do people really talk/write like this? What’s up with “accappella,” “wif”, “flyers,” “for see” and “hireing?” I am guessing that good spelling isn’t a requirement. And who says “buckaroos” anymore. And “where looking for a sales team,” says grammar isn’t a requirement either. At least this poster is excited about the position. Look at all the exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!