Crashing Down and Fallin’ Over

The Scratcher “Ep” is coming along pretty nicely. Dylan wrapped up Summertime and is about 95% done with Say You Want Me Tonight and is putting together Just Alright. I’ve been mixing for Scratcher like a madman the last few days. Trying to get Crashing Down finished and Fallin Over started. I think I finally got the mix for Crashing Down done today and moved on to mixing Fallin’ Over. I had some trouble with the Crashing Down MP3 sounding funny. Turned out the vocals were out of phase and it was really noticeable in the MP3 but not in the uncompressed mix. I got that quickly sorted out and finished the mix. The mix for Fallin’ Over has moved pretty quickly and is real fun. It helps that the song kicks ass. In just a few short hours I think I got it about 80% there. Back to work on the track tomorrow and hopefully wrap it up. These 2 plus Lately then I’ll be done with my half the record. We should have tracks up on the website and the MySpace in June.