Concert Roundup: The Cult @ Hammerstein Ballroom, November 9

The Cult played at the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC Friday night with Action Action and Brand New Sin opening up. Brand New Sin were pretty cool 4-piece rock band that’s sounds like a cross between the NYC-rock sound of Circus of Power and the Southern rock of Pantera. They only got to play 4 songs, which was a shame, because Action Action was lame-ass boring Killers wannabe shoe-gazing crap that almost put me to sleep. They played for 40 minutes, most of that time I wanted to hear more of Brand New Sin.

I saw the Cult on their last tour, the one that they filmed for the DVD release, and it seemed like they were phoning it in. But this show, the band was totally on their game. Even Billy was having a great time and even got on the mic a few times to talk to the crowd. Both of them did a lot of hipster bashing, and Williamsburg bashing, which was pretty entertaining. The songs, in no particular order:

From the new Born Into This: I Assassin, Dirty Little Rock Star, Savages and Holy Mountain

from Love: Nirvana, Phoenix, Revolution, She Sells Santuary, Love

Electric: Love Removal Machine, Wild Flower, Electric Ocean
Sonic Temple: Fire Woman, Sweet Soul Sister, Edie (Ciao Baby)

The Cult b-side : the Witch
Beyond Good and Evil: Rise

Rock may be dead in NYC, but for one night the Cult brought it back.