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Afflicted By Design: Lies, Lies, Lies!

In December I will be releasing the Ep Lies, Lies, Lies! with my band Afflicted By Design. The Ep features 4 tracks – 2 new songs with 2 remixes. The remixes are by Jacqueline van Bierk (my former bandmate in Otto’s Daughter) and the other by Lenny Gonzalez of A Chango Feo Abstraction. Here’e the track listing.

  1. Automatic Static
  2. Warm and Pretty Lies
  3. Automatic Static (Jacqueline van Bierk Remix)
  4. Warm and Pretty Lies (A Chango Feo Abstraction Remix)

The Ep was produced and mixed by Kfir Gov of the band Seek Irony, at Evil Snail Studios, Manchaca, TX, and features Rona Rougeheart on co-lead vocals Warm and Pretty Lies, Fred Fata (also formerly of Otto’s Daughter) on lead guitars, and Rom Gov (also of Seek Irony) on drums, while I handle lead vocals, bass, rhythm guitars, synths and loops. The Ep was mastered by Maor Applebaum at Maor Appelbaum Mastering - California – U.S.A.

Afflicted By Design: This Is Not A Love Song Single

The new Afflicted By Design single, “This Is Not A Love Song,” a goth-industrial inspired version of the Public Image Ltd classic, will be released on February 25, 2015. The new single will be available on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Amazon, Rdio & Deezer.

For “This Is Not A Love Song” Michael J. Carrasquillo (Slick Idiot, isol8ed) returns on drums, and reunites Sebastian with former Otto’s Daughter bandmates Jacqueline Van Bierk on vocals and Jim Robbins on guitar solos.

Afflicted By Design: I Believe In Halloween Single

The new Afflicted By Design single, “I Believe In Halloween,” is now available at  iTunesSpotifyGoogle PlayAmazonMP3Rdio & Deezer this week. “Isn’t it a little late for Halloween,” you’re asking? Yeah, well, the song got held up in some red tape. Like “Everyday Is Halloween” by Ministry, this isn’t a seasonal Halloween song. It’s an anthem for people that celebrate the night, that are out of the ordinary, that are a little bit left of center, that worship the dark. For those of us that everyday is Halloween.

Once again I teamed up with Michael J. Carrasquillo (Slick Idiot, isol8ed) for drums and vocals, and, introducing Dylan S. Mitchell (Scratcher, Blueberry High Heels) on guitar solos.

“I Believe In Halloween” is a cover of the song by The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black; an amazing band from NYC that I fell in love with ages ago and whose songs and performances have influenced and inspired me. Every now and again I plan on releasing more covers of songs by bands that have either inspired or influenced me. I hope you like my version and take the time to check out the original. TVHOKB is pretty badass!

New Music Video: South Side of Sickness

New Music Video: South Side of Sickness
In July I released a lyric video for the Afflicted By Design song “South Side of Sickness.” I really liked how the video came out, and am using it as the base for the official music video (sans lyric). I had some really cool alternate footage I messed with that looks great, so I spent the next month recording additional footage and cutting an official music video based on the lyric video. Here’s the final result… Please click through and comment and like!

New Music: Afflicted By Design and Original Compositions

The Afflicted By Design Ep, #nameless, is back from mastering and sounds great. It will be releasing May 14 through several digital channels. Sign up at to get early access to the release. You can hear original demos of the songs from the Ep at the Afflicted By Design Soundcloud space at

Aside from the various styles of heavy music I do with bands, I also compose original music in other styles. You can hear some of my orchestral and electronic music at my Soundcloud space at ttps://

Afflicted By Design: Production and Web Updates

Production Update:

The first Afflicted By Design release, #nameless, is moving along, and the website is up. Drum tracks by Mike Carrasquillo are in for review, vocal performances and lyrics are being tightened up, and tracks are being output for working at another studio. Most of the production has been in the various incarnations of my personal studio, but I’ll be recording all the loud stuff, and mixing at Mesa Recording Studios in Austin, Texas.

Get Notified:

Sign up to be notified about free music downloads, exclusives and the #nameless release by signing up at


Follow Afflicted By Design production updates at  Tumblr an Twitter.

Afflicted by Design

After a many years serving as the bass playing sonic backbone for rock, metal, goth, industrial and pop bands, I’m moving out of the shadows and in to the light, to lead my own industrial metal project: Afflicted by Design. The first release, titled Nameless, features 3 songs and several guest performances.

Nameless by Afflicted by Design will be released on my label/production company, AGCruxansata music in the spring. Website and all that stuff to follow. So, my bitches, keep up with my twitter for all the latest details, sound clips and pics from the studio. Website Redesign

It’s been a long time coming, but I finally redesigned and updated a bunch of info. I used a template that simplified the layout, made things a hell of a lot more organized so there’s less links to wade through to get to the important stuff.

  • Audio: Samples of songs I played on are now located on the Discography page. Plus there’s more samples of songs from some of the albums I played.
  • Video: There are more recent videos of me playing with several different bands on the video page, embedded from YouTube, thanks to fans of those bands.
  • Photos: The old galleries are gone, and replaced by a much more simpler page-full-o-pics.
  • Links: The sidebar is full of links to the websites of some friends and some bands I’ve played with.
  • About: This is a brief introduction of who I am. You can read the full, all new, bio linked from the About section.

Please click around, listen to some music, watch some videos and leave me some feedback or drop me a line and let me know what you think.



Masters of Limitation

A couple weeks ago I recorded another bass track, a song called “Masters of Limitation,” for Freedom. It’s very cool hypnotic track that combines acoustic and electronic instruments. This is also the first release featuring me on upright bass. (I played the upright on the 2 live tracks on Atomic Brother’s Pretty Little Lunatic Ep, coming out May 25th). You can check out “Masters of Limitation” by going to Freedom’s website at, selecting the Age of Aether album and then click on  ”Masters of Limitation.” You can listen or download for free.

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