Bassist Available For Hire

The last year or so I had taken myself out of the freelance bass playing game, and planned on getting back into it after the Atomic Brother teen center benefit concert (see below), but before I got a chance to put myself out on the market, I got requests to record bass some songs, and to play bass at a couple shows. First, at the end of December I was asked by my old friend, and former Poets/Cave Penny band mate, Pete Collins to play bass for project, called Freedom, on a song called “Angels and Monkeys” for his new album called Angels and Monkeys. That was a fun instrumental, world music track. Shortly after I finished that one, Pete sent me another song called “E,” which I’ll be recording tomorrow night. A few days after I heard from Pete, I was contact by another friend, Ray West, of Hostel, Inc., Girls of Porn and Spread Eagle. Ray is putting out a solo album under the name All Pointz West, and asked me to play bass at Sullivan Hall on Jan. 27 and Don Hill’s on Jan. 30. I started rehearsals with Ray first week on January, and they continue through this weekend. I also just got a work request to play on some tracks for a metal band, through eSession, so I’m in negotiations for that, too. So, I’m officially back on the market. For rates and availability me through the contact form, MyMusicSession or eSession

In other news: In addition to that stuff, I’m playing bass and engineering demos for a second Atomic Brother album, filming and editing podcasts and promo videos, and helping to organize a concert to benefit teen centers in New Hampshire, called Teen Strong: New Hampshire ( on Jan. 24.  Last week we shelved the demos to select songs and start rehearsing for the benefit concert. First off we needed to find a drummer since Rob Kelly moved to Seoul, South Korea to play percussion and drums with an orchestra, and Mike’s wife just had a baby, making them both unavailable. So, me and James reached out to our old friend, and former Under the Influence band mate, Brian Carter. Not only did we play with Brian in UTI, he last recorded drums for us in our Junto project, in 1999, making us very familiar with him. Rehearsals went really excellent, like 10 years hadn’t passed at all. We head up to NH early Saturday morning for a 2 p.m. show.