Axl Rose vs EODM (or Is Axl Rose realy Paris Hilton?) Part 2

So, after having a few days to read more crap about this “fued,” and re-reading my Axl Rose blog I thought have some clearing up to do.

1) Do I think it’s bad that Axl Rose is a media whore that seems to only care about being famous? Nope, not at all. It’s not a bad thing being famous. Hell, the fame isn’t bad, just the way he treats his fans in the name of his music.

2) Who do I believe in the Axl vs EODM fued? My instinct is to never believe Axl Rose. However, my instincts tell me to always believe the Replacements, and Tommy Stinson was one of the Replacements. Even so I don’t know who to believe and I don’t care. What I do believe is that the EODM are “a bunch of happy go lucky sincere and real deal rock and rollers.” In fact, I also believe that everyone in GnR are “a bunch of happy go lucky sincere and real deal rock and rollers” EXCEPT Axl Rose. Why? Let’s examine this.

Since leaving the band Slash has been recording and touring with his bands Velvet Revolver and Slash’s Snakepit and with Camp Freddy, and recording on several other albums. Matt Sorum has played and recorded with… well, what hasn’t he done since GnR? Right now he is currently the drummer for Camp Freddy, Circus Diablo and Velvet Revolver! Duff recorded and toured his solo project, with the Neurotic Outsiders, Velvet Revolver, Izzy Stradlin and Slash’s Snakepit. Izzy Stradlin has recorded and toured with his solo project and the Juju Hounds. Tommy Stinson has been sneaking away for several years from GnR to record and tour with, Bash and Pop, his solo project and with Paul Westerberg. Roni Finke quit and re-joined GnR so he could tour with NIN, he also plays in a band called the Blind.

That’s just a few of the guys. It seems like everyone that joined the band is sneaking away to tour and record with other people. Where’s Axl been? According to paparrazzi photos he’s at parties before and after shows. He’s canceling shows on whims, leaving thousands of fans disappointed. If he was a “sincere and real deal rock and roller” he would do the shows, not end shows early or start them late to go party. He’s “working on” Chinese Democracy. According to several ex-band members the album has been changed several times to reflect what is popular in music. Sure, it can take a long time to record an album. My solo album has taken 2 years, but while recording albums for 4 bands and performing with those 4 bands and several other bands. But over 10 years and $15 million? (No wonder thier are so many layoffs in the music industry and bands being dropped from Interscope.)

Maybe I’m wrong. I dare someone to prove me wrong.

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