Attending the 2006 Grammys

I went out to LA last week and had the chance to see the Grammys. Pretty good show, lots of good performances. My seats, however, were not that great. I was in the nosebleads off to the left of the stage. I don’t know what people saw on TV, but in person it was pretty cool to see how the TV show works – how they get all the bands intricate sets all together so that there is smallest possible time between bands was very ineresting. Best performance – U2.

The Grammy after party was pretty cool too. Lots of good food and drinks. No celebs at the “official grammy party,” just regular working class music industry people and musicians. The highlight of the party was a full set by Big and Rich. They totally kicked ass! Earth, Wind and Fire also played, and boy were they played out.

The suckiest thing is that we were told that there was tight security, and cameras and phones were not allowed. Security was pretty tight, you couldn’t get within 3 blocks of the place without a pass, and they re-checked passes every block and entrance, and had metal detectors and bag searches. Even so, EVERYbody had phones, blackberries and cameras except us!!! So, no cool pics to post.