Atomic Brother Video, Recording Scratcher and Wandering Night

On January 7, Scratcher made its way down to my studio to start tracking 7 new songs. We recorded the drums for all the songs in the afternoon. I am really liking the sounds I got recording the drums this time. We used the usual Gretsch kit mic’d with SM57s on the snare and toms, an AKG D112 on the kick and Oktava overheads and a SM87 for the room sound. I’ve been away from the songs for a while working on other projects, but now I’ll be spending a week or so editing the drums before I get to recording bass.

Last night, Jan 21, I finished working on the Indie movie Into the Wandering Night and the broadcast version of the Atomic Brother video with director Michael Carrasquillo. We had a marathon session that lasted until 5am. I worked on cleaning up the dialog tracks, removing artifacts and background noise and making the dialog easier to hear against the sound effects, soundtrack and new background noise.

After we finished the movie we moved on to the music video. Mike made some changes in the coloring and the video looks even better than before. Once we make copies on video we will be sending them out to Much Music and other music video outlets for play.