Atomic Brother Updates – Recording With King Hell

In Atomic Brother news, we have more videos posted online at Also be on the lookout for a new Atomic Brother website coming soon. And to answer a most frequently asked question, “When will the band be playing?” Be patient. It’s killing us not being out there playing our album, but it is all for the best. We have some interesting things up our sleeves. Keep checking here and for updates.
I was in the studio last night in Hell recording bass tracks for the band King Hell. I laid down bass parts for the songs “King Hell,” “The Weight,” “What The Fuck,” “The Living Dead,” “Assmaster” and “Shotgun.” It was a cool session. I cut alternate bass parts for many of the songs. It will be interesting to hear what the final versions are! Go to King Hell’s website to listen to the demo versions of these songs, and check back to see when you can hear the versions I recorded. I will also be playing a few more shows with the band in October. Check out my gig schedule for dates and venues.