Atomic Brother To Release See Me Comin’ On CD November 6, 2007

That’s today! My album, See Me Comin’ with Atomic Brother is finally out on CD! It’s been over a year since we recorded it, and 6 months since it was released digitally. Go to the merch section of to get your copy! Here’s the press release.

New York, NY – On Election Day, November 6, 2007, the New York City-based Atomic Brother will release the follow-up to the band’s 2004 release Elected, with their latest album, See Me Comin’.

See Me Comin’ is Atomic Brother’s first full-length album and is a collection of 12 original songs. While mainly a hard-rock album, listeners are often surprised at the wide range of styles found on See Me Comin’. After the heavy riffs in “Not My Fault” and the title track “See Me Comin’,” it’s refreshing to find that the band is also capable of playing punk rock tunes like “Employee of the Month,” and even slower ballads such as “Home in the Sky” and the Spanish-feeling “Never Home.” With See Me Comin’, Atomic Brother decided to focus more on writing good music and less on a particular genre. According to bassist Gnolfo, they were “tired of hearing bands both live and on CD that sound the same from start to finish,” so they decided to focus more on writing good music and less on keeping it within a particular genre. “If it sounds good and we both like it,” stated guitarist/vocalist Melillo, “we’ll use it. Period. A good song is a good song.” In his review of See Me Comin’, Robert Pally of certifies that, “Atomic Brother can certainly write powerful songs,” and according to Jon Worley of Aiding and Abetting, “these boys do rock.”

See Me Comin’ was recorded and produced by Atomic Brother in Lausanne, Switzerland at Soundlake Studios with the band’s close friend, and former colleague, Patrick Aeby (formerly of Krokus) playing drums and mixing the album. See Me Comin’ is being released independently by Atomic Brother, and on this Election Day, November 6, 2007 fans can purchase the album on CD from and at The album was release as a digital download worldwide at iTunes and in the U.S. at the eMusic, Napster, Sony Connect and Rhapsody online music stores on July 4 2007.

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