Atomic Brother & Scratcher Studio Updates

I am currently mixing a demo version of a track called “Up in You” for Atomic Brother. We recorded the track at my studio in September, 7 tracks of drums, 10 tracks of guitar, 2 tracks of bass and 5 tracks of vocals. It’s coming along pretty nicely. Just in the middle of cleaning up the vocals for mixing. The song will be posted to the Atomic Brother website and MySpace when I am finished. We have also been writing some new songs. We have a set of 13 songs, with 3 new ones in the works and a couple of other unfinished ones we are working on as well. We also played our first show in September at Snitch in NYC. Was a lot of fun. I posted videos and photos from the show at Scratcher Update: The Scratcher CD single is completed and available on iTunes. The CD features “Fade” and “Still Waiting”. Rush over to iTunes and purchase them now! (While you’re at it pick up “Elected” by Atomic Brother!) We have a show coming up this week at Arlene’s Grocery in NYC, and in November at Ace of Clubs in NYC. No recording going on right now, but we wrote several new songs for these next two shows, and are working on 3 or 4 more new ones. Check for updates.