Atomic Brother, Scratcher & Solo Project Updates

Atomic Brother: We have been working hard on new songs as well as the old. It’s been a little rough since we’ve never been the lyric writers and singers before, but it is coming along really good. Our song list with lyrics now includes; Employee of the Month, Freedom, Lipstick Lovebite, Home in the Sky, Not My Fault, When It’s Over, Up In You, Wasted Time, Take You Away. We still have about 5 more without lyrics, including Spanish Booty and a song I wrote tonight. We have been in rehearsal studios working out singing and playing and making changes to the vocals and will be re-cutting demos soon. I’d love to get a follow-up to Elected out by October this year. We also might be booking a show for September. Stay tuned.

Scratcher: We have been working on more new music. We have another 2 songs we added since the last time I wrote about Scratcher. The demo is finally done and will be out soon. You can hear on the Scratcher myspace too. I’ll post the address soon. We have some shows coming up in July and August. Check back for more details.

Solo Project: I haven’t decided what I am going to call this. Should I make up a name or just stick with S.A. Sebastian? We’ll see. Anyway. I posted 2 songs, both instrumental. Check them out and leave feedback. I have many more I am working on, all kinda goth-electronic-industrial. Check back for more.