Atomic Brother Interview, New Songs And Scratcher

Very good weekend for music. It started off with an interview with Atomic Brother for The Montclair Times on Friday. The Times is the local paper where I live. The music editor really enjoyed our version of “Elected” and invited us in for an interview. We spent about a half hour talking about the song, the election, the band today, the band tomorrow and each of us. I think it went rather well. This will be used in a feature in a December issue. A reprint will be provided on the Atomic Brother site.Saturday was spent researching how to alleviate the noise problem we are having in the studio. We think we have it isolated to the powerlines outside. This means we have to seal off the studio from electromagnetic interference. We found that we can use lead sheets (expensive, real heavy, and not healthy) or electromagnetic shielding film (expensive). We have a friend looking out for an alternative.

Sunday was non-stop music. The day started with James and I writing songs for Atomic Brother around 1:30 and wrapped up at 9 with a Scratcher rehearsal. For Atomic Brother, James and I wrote these 3 new songs, all really cool. We went through all the songs and it looks like we are shaping up to have 14-15 songs to choose from for the full-length CD. Once we get the noise problem solved it is back to the studio to record them all.

The Scratcher rehearsal was fun. We worked on one of Dylan’s new songs and it sounds like it will be a punk rock hit. I’ve decided to stay on with them for a little while longer since it is fun and very little commitment. Also, the 2 of the band members are old friends from high school. The next time we get together we’ll be working on one of my tunes. And in January we will be going in to the studio to record 3-4 songs for an EP. Check the band out at