Atomic Brother Demo Session: Uninvited

It’s Sunday, November 9, and I just wrapped week 4 of demo sessions with Atomic Brother. This week we had planned on vocals for 1 song, and the music for 2 songs, but ended up working on “Rain on Me (Uninvited),” in it’s entirety. As far as demos go, this is the biggest, coming in at about 30 tracks. The setup is pretty much the same, except James has been using his Les Paul instead of mine, and we’ve started using my Fender amp to get some real nice, “bell-like” clean tones. Like the last few weeks, this session was broadcast live on Mogulus,  and some of the people tuned said that this new song sounds like a cross between Jane’s Addiction and new Rush. I think this song is more like Deftones and Placebo. Check us out live in studio next Sunday, November 16 at