Atomic Brother Demo Session: Bullet and Gold Digger

I was back in the studio with Atomic Brother on Sunday this week. We continued working on demos of songs for the next album; this time we recorded guitar and bass for Bullet In Your Brain and Gold Digger. Pretty much the same setup as last time, except I have a new toy AND we are broadcasting the Sunday recording sessions live on the Internet. We are calling our live broadcast, Wastin’ Time With Atomic Brother Live! Besides what you see in the podcast, we thought it might be cool for people see what a full day, or pretty much a full day, in the studio for band was like.

We typically get in the studio around noon to set up, and then we go live just around 1pm Eastern time; and then we let the cameras roll for 3-4 hours while we work. We are using a service called Mogulus to do the broadcast live. The cool thing about Mogulus is that we can do a multi-camera show, and have television-stlye graphics, a ticker and a chat window to communicate with viewers. We are using 2 cameras; one will always be in the control room, where we record guitar and bass, and the other will be in the live room when we are recording drums or vocals, or in the control room to provide a different perspective.

We’ve done 2 broadcasts so far, and it’s been pretty fun getting real-time feedback about the songs from viewers, and chatting with everyone. It’s also interesting for us to know right away whether or not someone likes a song, or riff or lyric. Technically it’s been a challenge to get the rooms mic’d up so everyone can hear us talking, and not be blown away by the volume of the instruments. Mogulus allows the shows to be recorded, but we haven’t figured that out yet, but we want to be able to save these.

Join us in the studio on Sunday afternoons, starting around 1pm at and click on the link in the sidebar, or if you want to chat with us while we record go to