Atomic Brother Dec/Jan Studio Update

We now have 17 songs we will be recording, and have been in pre-production for the last several months. We just booked ourselves at Sound Lake Studios in Lausanne, Switzerland, and will be there the entire month of March to record the final product. In the meantime, pre-production continues.

We spent Dec. and Jan. continuing taking songs apart, editing, and in some cases re-writing. We have been recording demos of the songs in their various states in my studio, or on Jame’s laptop in various rehearsal studios and are finally at the stage where we think we have got most of the songs where we want them for the final versions. At one point there was a meltdown while upgrading my computer to the latest version of Mac OSX, and we lost several songs. Thank goodness for backups and data recovery software, we got everything back; even stuff that was deleted years ago!

During pre-production we have continued to work with Greg Schiff on drums, but while we are in Switzerland drums will be played by Patrick Aeby (Krokus, Genocide, Sideburn). Soundlake Studio is actually Patrick’s studio, it is a great facility, and he and I will be engineering the record. It will be my first time working soley on Pro Tools. Patrick is an expert at it, so I should pick it up pretty quick.