Atomic Brother Back In The Studio

This weekend we were finally back in the studio as Atomic brother. We have been doing a lot of work with promoting the new Atomic Brother single that we put this off for a while.

We got to work on Saturday afternoon, again with Toby on drums, on a new, untitled, song. The original demo of the song was a little dated, kinda early 90’s, almost 80’s sounding, so we went right to work on figuring out how we wanted the song to sound. So we jammed on the song for a while until we got something we liked and then we worked on the arrangement. We took the song in a totally different direction, where it started out sounding like Motley Crue or Halen, it ended up sounding like a cross between White Zombie and Black Sabbath.

We got back to it on Sunday afternoon to record the drums. Toby used a smaller setup than last time, kick, snare, HH, ride, one crash, one rack tom and one floor tom. That gave us 7 tracks of drums instead of our usual 8. After some rehearsal we got to tracking, this time instead of recording scratch tracks to play along with we played together. To isolate the guitar and bass we played guitar through a Pod XT, and Bass Direct through an Aphex Bass DI.