Atomic Brother Back In the Studio 2

This Saturday was bass and guitar tracking day. We decided that we didn’t want to go completely down the heavy path with this tune so James though of doing one of the parts on acoustic guitar. It sounded great, but this required some changes in the drums. Since Toby lives in Georgia it was inconvenient to have him in to record, so I had to clean up the drum tracks from last week. I took a few hours to edit the drums so we could record the new parts. I layed down the scratch bass track and then James did his acoustic part. For the verse James played a cool slide guitar part which was then doubled an octave down. He then added a cool slide melody on top. I re-recorded the bass part to better fit the new drums and guitar. While recording the bass we noticed some real bad noise, but was able to work around it. When we got to the electric guitar we couldn’t make the noise go away so we ended the session. This week will be spent researching how to fix the problem. But, what we did record ended up sounding like an Atomic Brother song, not a mix of this band and that.