And The Grammy Goes To… Kanye?

I didn’t feel like voting this year, mostly because I think that Kayne West is going to sweep things. And no matter how I voted ti wasn’t going to change. Kanye has been acting like a baby, crying foul and pulling the race card for every loss he’s encountered in the last few year-plus, just before the ballots came he lost his mom. And let’s face it, in certain situations it seems that the Grammy goes to a person because of situations rather that the merit of a album or song. And this is a pretty serious situation for Kanye.

This is why Kanye West is going to win in just about all the categories he is nominated in, despite the fact that he is a talentless prick. Yes, there were a lot of talented people that performed on and produced the Kanye’s graduation album to make it what it is, and I’m sure it wasn’t Mr. I’m-so-great-and-a-genius. But from a pure production and songwriting perspective Amy Winehouse is the winner. Hand’s down, in every category that she and Kanye go head-to-head, she is more deserving of a win. Kanye has the pity factor and Amy has the heroine factor. If his mom died after voting closed I’d say everyone had a chance against him, but now…now way.