Afflicted By Design: Warm and Pretty Lies Music Video Release

I release a new music video for “Warm and Pretty Lies,” with Afflicted By Design, from the latest Ep “Lies, Lies, Lies!”, on Sunday Dec. 3 with a premiere at ReGen Magazine ( The video was written and directed by Ken Morales of Empyrean Motion Pictures and based on a story I wrote.

The song was written about the lies people tell each other in a new relationship. Influenced by the Human League, “Warm and Pretty Lies” was recorded as a duet and features Rona Rougeheart from SINE on co-lead vocals with Sebastian. The song is about the ‘nice’ lies that we tell each other, but, for the video I wanted to go dark, and  tell the story of a couple who are each serial killers, trying to hide that dark secret from each other.