Afflicted By Design: I Believe In Halloween Single

The new Afflicted By Design single, “I Believe In Halloween,” is now available at  iTunesSpotifyGoogle PlayAmazonMP3Rdio & Deezer this week. “Isn’t it a little late for Halloween,” you’re asking? Yeah, well, the song got held up in some red tape. Like “Everyday Is Halloween” by Ministry, this isn’t a seasonal Halloween song. It’s an anthem for people that celebrate the night, that are out of the ordinary, that are a little bit left of center, that worship the dark. For those of us that everyday is Halloween.

Once again I teamed up with Michael J. Carrasquillo (Slick Idiot, isol8ed) for drums and vocals, and, introducing Dylan S. Mitchell (Scratcher, Blueberry High Heels) on guitar solos.

“I Believe In Halloween” is a cover of the song by The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black; an amazing band from NYC that I fell in love with ages ago and whose songs and performances have influenced and inspired me. Every now and again I plan on releasing more covers of songs by bands that have either inspired or influenced me. I hope you like my version and take the time to check out the original. TVHOKB is pretty badass!