About: Musician

I am a bass and guitar player, composer, songwriter, producer and sometimes recording engineer with a Bachelor of Music Degree in Professional Music from Berklee College of Music. I started playing bass in 1982 and playing guitar in 1989 and have been writing and recording original music, and driving the sonic bottom-end for many rock, industrial, Goth, metal and pop bands since 1989. Over the course of my career as a bass player I have had the good fortune to perform hundreds of concerts in 5 countries and record on over a 20 albums, EPs and singles and many, many demos.

Besides playing bass, composing and recording (AllMusic, Discogs), I am a photographer and an occasional extra in the odd TV show or movie (IMDb).

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Do you need a bass or guitar player to record on your next album or demo?
It doesn’t matter where you’re based, I can probably work with you. I am frequently doing long-distance sessions where I’m recording my bass parts from my own studio and collaborating using Skype, IM and email, and sending files by ftp or using Dropbox. But, if you’re based near Austin, TX I can work with you in your favorite studio. Click over to my discography and listen to some samples to get an idea of my playing.

Do you need a bass or guitar player to sub on a gig for the night or a couple shows, or for your tour?
I’m always looking for opportunities to play with new and exciting bands. Whether it’s for one night or for longer tours we might be able to work something out. Click over to the video section and watch some videos to get an idea of my live playing.

Contact me with details of your situation and to check my availability.