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I am film and digital photographer that loves to shoot concerts, and everything around me. I currently shoot concerts for The Darker Side of Austin; product and lifestyle photos for Bloody Rose Boutique; stock photos for sites like Adobe and Shutterstock, Alamy; and street and art photography for sale on various websites and at markets. Although it seems like I have been shooting forever, my photography career had two lives with a long break between each life.

I first got into concert photography in the 90s when I used to write concert reviews for Good Times Magazine on Long Island. I shot everything with a Pentax K1000 and the stock SMC 50mm f/2.8 lens and an 80-200mm zoom lens that I bought when I was a teen in the 80s. I went everywhere with that camera. So, in addition to my press pass I made sure to get a photo pass so I could shoot the show I covered for Good Times. When I submitted my reviews the editor would publish my photos of the shows alongside the reviews. In 1998, I started a short-lived ezine called Forbidden District, where I would publish photos and reviews of New York City punk, goth and industrial music shows that weren’t of interest to Good Times and other mainstream music papers. My first life as a photographer ended when my camera gear was stolen in New York City and I couldn’t afford to replace it all.

I continued to shoot for myself for “fun” with various point-and-click cameras and iPhones and eventually post photos on my Instagram. even though I was shooting with these unprofessional cameras, my concert photos started getting noticed by the different bands I would shoot. It wasn’t until the Covid-19 pandemic when I finally bought a new used Pentax K1000, a Sony A7IV, and an Epson v850 flatbed scanner that my photography career began its second life.

Besides being a photographer, I play bass and guitar, compose and record music (AllMusic, Discogs), and an occasional extra in the odd TV show or movie (IMDb).

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